— Azteca horses —


Whether you ride English or Western style, our broodmares and young horses await you in our stables.

There are few things in life more romantic than a horseback ride through the Adobe Guadalupe vineyards.


Experience a one-of-a-kind tour through our beautiful vineyards. You will embark on a 60-minute relaxing and rejuvenating scenic excursion on docile, gentle horses led by Salomón, our seasoned tour guide with a 15-year background as a professional groom.


The breathtaking views and the romance of the Valle de Guadalupe Wine Country will be at your fingertips. Come explore the trails of our Hacienda like you have never done before.


  • Children under the age of 12 are not permitted in the hotel, or the winery.
  • Only two people can ride at the same time.

In order for your ride to be an unforgettable memory, please be sure to wear or bring the following items:


1. Sunglasses
2. Sunscreen
3. Jeans / pants
4. Closed shoes (eg., boots, not sandals)


If the date you want to book is not selectable, it’s because we are booked to capacity.



Just like our wines, our horses are a celebration of mestizaje and represent the best of both the Old and New Worlds: a crossbreed between an Andalusian stallion and an American Quarter horse, born in 2003 and raised ever since in our stables in Adobe Guadalupe, Baja California Mexico.

The result? A horse capable of reaching international competition levels in Dressage, Jumping or Eventing. And if you are more the amateur type, our herd of champion Azteca Sporthorses represent a safe, intelligent and handsome choice for a trail companion.


In addition to taking guests on rides through the vineyards, our Azteca Sporthorses provide an invaluable service to the Valle de Guadalupe community through equine therapy for low-income children with cerebral palsy. They also contribute the manure that fertilizes our gardens, our vines and our olive, pomegranate, fig and citrus trees.


As the premier breeding facility of Azteca Sporthorses in the world, we offer a few horses for purchase, and we facilitate as well the live cover breeding of mares; fresh or frozen aritifical insemination; embryo implants; and customized facilities for visiting mares. Please don’t hesitate to contact us here  for further details.