Jardín Romántico

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A smooth and silky wine with a youthful and bright pale yellow texture. It is light and clean, with a fruity approach with hints of green apple, apricot, banana and melon.


An atypical take on a Chardonnay, but withot sacrificing its complexity and essence. Ours is expressive and has a long persistence, with a medium citrus & honey finish.


The palate’s lively acidity make it perfect to pair with seafood and salads. 


In Tru´s words:

“A refreshing, tropical, unoaked Chardonnay”

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    Straw gold.
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    Dry wine with refreshing acidity. Tropical fruit aromas such as pinapple, grapefruit and guava.
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    Seafood, paella, fresh young cheeses and salads.
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    Chardonnay. Fermented in stainless steel tank, unoacked.


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